Spire Group is passionate about advocating for the military and veteran communities, and in our definition of advocacy, this can come in many forms (e.g., speaking engagements, articles, blogs, podcasts, books, educational workshops).

If you/your organization are interested in having our providers speak or are interested in collaborating with us, please use the contact form.

Note: There are some common themes found throughout the invitations we have declined. To save you and us time, it is prudent for us to include those themes here. We most frequently decline opportunities with events/organizations that have overt political messaging, events/organizations that are conducting poorly organized events, and/or events/organizations that promote ideas/interventions that are contrary to our practice and understanding of psychological science.

Latest News

PTSD Handouts

December 2020: In summer 2019, we created approachable and informative handouts on PTSD, and we recently updated them. Too few know about the sweeping physical impacts of PTSD, and with these handouts, we hope to begin remedying that.

(Note: We authorize free public use of these handouts with appropriate source credit.)


Annual Veteran’s Advocate Award

November 2020: Every so often you come across a person who is quietly doing amazing things behind the scenes, & Albuquerque’s own Dr. Craig Nairn is one of those people. To date, he’s been the first & only physician in New Mexico willing to offer SGB injections to individuals living with PTSD. He’s worked many patients in on personal time to ensure they didn’t have to suffer through long wait times without treatment, & our patients tell us he’s one of the most amazing doctors they’ve met. In less than a year, Dr. Nairn has immeasurably changed the lives of dozens of local veterans…making him the sole inspiration for Spire Group’s new annual award: the Veteran’s Advocate Award. On the eve of Veteran’s Day 2020, we presented Dr. Nairn with his certificate & hardware. May we all be a little more like him.

Also, we salute a true trailblazer, Brian Hill, for believing local veterans deserved to have access to SGB treatments & single-handedly finding Dr. Nairn & connecting him with veterans who need his care.

Partnership with The PTSD Foundation of America

August 2020: We couldn’t be more excited or humbled to announce our partnership with the PTSD Foundation of America, whose mission it is to serve & heal veterans with PTSD. The Spire Group team will be providing continuous trainings for The Foundation’s peer counselors & substance abuse counselors — all of which are also military veterans. This is a match made in heaven! #Veterans #Military #FightingForOurBrotherhoodAndSisterhood #StopVeteranSuicides

Kirtland AFB’s Life Fest

September 2019: Hosting a booth at Kirtland AFB’s Life Fest to engage service members by promoting laughter, destigmatizing mental health, and providing relatable education.

Military Cultural Competency Workshop

May 2019: Teaching a Military Cultural Competency workshop to civilian mental health professionals at the New Mexico Psychological Association’s Saturday Seminar