Our Team

Our Team

Clinical Staff

Michelle Ault, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Michelle is a veteran of active duty Air Force service, where she served as a staff therapist, the Officer in Charge (OIC) of Disaster Mental Health (i.e., crisis response team), the OIC for clearances of special needs military families, and a team chief for outreach to high risk military units. Michelle has significant experience working with PTSD, C-PTSD, MST, grief, and the psychological consequences of serious and chronic medical conditions. Michelle is a psychodynamic therapist.

For more information about Michelle, visit: www.CrosswindAssociates.com

Joye Henrie, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Henrie is a veteran of active duty Air Force service, where she served as a staff therapist, the installation Suicide Prevention Program Manager, the OIC of outreach to high risk military units, and the author of psych-related clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) for primary care. Dr. Henrie has significant experience working with PTSD, C-PTSD, MST, grief, and the combat rescue/special operations communities. Dr. Henrie is a psychodynamic therapist.

For more information about Dr. Henrie, visit: www.DesertWise.com

Jemia Warner, LCSW
Masters of Social Work

Jemia graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2015 with a Master’s degree in Social Work with a concentration in mental health. Jemia works as the New Mexico Director of Healthcare Coordination Services for the Department of Veterans’ Services supporting the healthcare needs of veterans. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Wisconsin and has experience working with diverse client backgrounds. Jemia has worked with adults, children, racial/ethnic populations, families, and veterans. Her clinical expertise has focused on working with individuals who experience grief, trauma, adjustment issues, and mood-related disorders. She is also a military spouse of an active duty officer who serves in the United States Air Force. Jemia’s diverse career path in the world of social work has given her a unique perspective on the needs of therapy, self-care, and behavioral health education. Jemia is passionate about creating change in various stages of life through the utilization of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and person-centered therapy.

Sujana Chowdhury, MSW

Sujana earned her Master’s degree in Social Work at New Mexico State University in May 2021. She is now pursuing her Licensed Clinical Social Worker credentialing and serves as a psychodynamic therapist. Sujana has worked in a variety of Social Work roles – to include Service Coordinator for government funded agencies and an Intake Specialist at the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. She has also interned at two other Albuquerque area clinics. Through collected experiences, she has discovered a passion for working with people who have experienced trauma. After increasingly learning about the distinct nature of military experiences, the major discrepancies between civilian and military life, and the shortage of qualified mental healthcare providers for military-connected individuals, Sujana was driven to dedicate her professional work to this population. Sujana aspires to be a connecting bridge between civilian and military worlds, and she takes seriously the responsibility of civilian providers to acquire the necessary education and training to effectively serve the military population.

Administrative Staff

Russell Henrie
Business Manager

Russ has spent the majority of his career working in the private and government construction industries – including Utah, Arkansas, and New Mexico DOTs. He joined Desert Wise (i.e., Spire Group affiliate) full-time as the Business Manager in 2019 and was key in the development of Spire Group. He has since taken on the role of Business Manager for Spire Group, as well, and serves as the conduit to our consultants and contractors, as well as a mentor to team members being groomed for larger roles at Spire Group. Russ has been both a military spouse (Air Force) and a military dad (Army).

Britton Scritchfield
IT Consultant

Britton is a US Army veteran, where he served as a tactical communications specialist and software developer. Britton currently works full-time for the Department of the Army as a Software Engineer and Knowledge Management Officer, while freelancing as a software/web developer and IT consultant on the side. At Spire Group, Britton has been key in establishing and maintaining our web and network capabilities, as well as ensuring a seamless transition to virtual services during the public health emergency.

For more information about Britton, visit: www.x2labs.com

Kevin “Junior” Bowers
Research Specialist

Junior is a US Army veteran, where he served as a UH-60 helicopter mechanic and was recognized for revitalizing the BOSS program. He studied general avionics and professional piloting in college, and he has served as the lead armed security professional at the Overstock.com corporate headquarters. Currently, Junior works as full-time T-Mobile contractor assuring commercial power installation and battery back-up to cell towers. At Spire Group, Junior leads ad hoc research projects focused on advocating for quality healthcare for veterans. He is being mentored to eventually assume business management tasks full-time. In addition to being a veteran himself, Junior has also been a military kid (Air Force).

Erin Maes
Administrative Assistant & Special Projects

Erin is an experienced mental health professional. She recently worked as a Milieu Supervisor at a Residential Treatment Center and currently works full-time as a Behavioral Health Technician in an in-patient unit at Presbyterian Hospital. She is also a full-time student majoring in psychology, with a long-term goal of obtaining her LCSW. At Spire Group, Erin manages a variety of administrative tasks and completes ad hoc special projects, with an emphasis on staff recruitment.

Roddy Henrie
Media Consultant

Roddy is an experienced mental health professional with a history of working as a mental health technician with high risk youth in secure facilities and serving as the Milieu Director at a Residential Treatment Center. He also has a robust history working in supervisory capacities as a security professional. Roddy is currently a student majoring in psychology, with a long-term goal of obtaining his LCSW. At Spire Group, Roddy oversees media equipment, technology, and product delivery. He also provides ad hoc facilities and logistical support. Roddy been both a military kid (Air Force) and brother (Army).